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A new habit to strengthen your friendships

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July 29 · Issue #35 · View online
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Hint: Go back in time 📞

Hello fellow beautiful voyagers,
Remember being a little kid, trying to catch your mom’s attention as she paced the kitchen on the phone, cord a-dangling?
I was born in 1975. Forgive me if this looks nothing like your kitchen growing up.
Your mother was on to something. While talking on the phone with acquaintances or strangers can be stressful, daily phone chats with someone you love are a way to stay grounded in the world, process new information, and get out of your own head.
Friendship Tip from Cup o' Joe: 5-Minute Phone Calls
MR and I didn’t always chat every morning. As new moms, we used to go months without talking. It was cool—we were both busy keeping babies alive. But now that we talk most weekday mornings, I realize what a difference a daily connection outside of my immediate family makes. It anchors my morning. My friend helps me remember who I am as I face daily ups and downs (as I do for her, I hope). My husband is no longer my only outlet for little frustrations and confusions.
She is adorable, and today is her birthday. Happy birthday and love you MR!
To give this a try, make your new habit easy. Choose someone you’ve known for a long time — someone you know is also committed to your friendship. Choose a time for your calls when you’re both available and undistracted. And most importantly, make it extremely easy to jump off the phone. (My “okloveyoubye” is the fastest in the West).
A little bit of effort goes a long way. Next thing you know, you’re living in the moment with your friend and no longer wasting time “catching up.”
Love, Meredith
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