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Don't make the same mistakes I did.

"Oh Mr. Hart, you didn't make a mistake. I'll just have to remember to check, the next time I'm asked

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January 15 · Issue #29 · View online
Tackling stress and anxiety, one experiment at a time.

“Oh Mr. Hart, you didn’t make a mistake. I’ll just have to remember to check, the next time I’m asked to go to work at a convention, that there is a convention going on.” —Doralee Rhodes (Dolly Parton) in Nine to Five.

Hello dear friends,
Since many of us are off work today, it’s a good day to reflect on work. I keep thinking about a statistic I heard recently: The majority of people take a job because of a company, but leave because of a manager
Looking at it objectively, this makes sense. Before you arrive at a new job, you’re dreaming of what it could be (big picture). Once you arrive, you’re focusing on the details that negatively impact you (often, your boss).
I’m no stranger to this kind of negative rumination. I spent my brother’s wedding in 2003 worried about a work issue. And in 2013 I fixated on a work struggle during the last Christmas I spent at home with my Dad. 
Worrying about work—or the people at work—is a never-ending trap. It makes nothing better and only wastes time. How to avoid it? By focusing on the right thing at the right time. Find the big picture in the middle of a struggle and you may unlock a new way of working with a difficult manager. Focus on the right details during an interview, and you may avoid working with a challenging boss. 
Little funny moments with coworkers help me refocus.
Little funny moments with coworkers help me refocus.
Strangely, pain actually helps, too. Each upset stomach or migraine is packed with useful information I use to refocus on the big picture on a crappy day. As for interviewing…let’s just say I can spot potential boss problems a mile away.
We can’t control others, fellow voyagers. When it comes to work, we can only control our own thinking. 
Love, Meredith
Love, Meredith
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