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hello friend

hello friend
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Hope you’re having a bright and shiny Sunday.

Greetings from San Francisco, where the sky is blue and colorful face masks adorn every passerby. May is momentous in my world. In just a week and a half, on May 12, the first-ever Beautiful Voyager book will land on doorsteps and digital reading devices everywhere!
The culmination of five years of conversations, information-gathering, and stolen-moment-scribbling, Get Out of My Head was written just for you, fellow overthinker. Here’s how the publisher describes it:
In a world full of deadlines, and technology, and constant stress, anxiety sometimes feels inevitable. But what if you learned to ride the wave of anxiety, instead of getting lost in it? This compact, illustrated book offers soothing techniques for understanding anxiety and moving through the traps of overthinking. Get Out of My Head shares a joyful, manageable way to deal with anxiety and quiet stressful thoughts through easy exercises, bite-sized takeaways, and calming visuals.
I'm sitting behind this door, smiling in a not-dissimilar way right now.
I'm sitting behind this door, smiling in a not-dissimilar way right now.
I could never have anticipated how the world would change in the short time from finishing the book to publishing it. Back then, artist Leah Rosenberg and I spent hours discussing the feelings we hoped the art in the book would kindle in the reader. I’m grateful for the time and care she put into this work, all done by hand.
I’ve been asked, “Where is the best place to buy the book?” If you’d like to support independent bookstores, is an excellent choice. GOOMH can also be found in national chains, too, like Target and Walmart. Finally, if you buy it from Amazon, you are truly moving the needle by submitting a verified review. There’s a reason everyone is always asking for a review—they make a big difference.
Finally, I want to tell you why I’m hoping the book sells widely. The more books I sell, the more I am able to build the community of writers at Paying writers is one of my great joys. And if this book does well, I’m already percolating some ideas for the next one…
Thank you all for your input, collaboration, feedback, and support.
Team GOOMH: Me (in glasses), Leah Rosenberg (top), & designer Sasha Wizansky
Team GOOMH: Me (in glasses), Leah Rosenberg (top), & designer Sasha Wizansky
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