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I've missed you guys.

Let's explore the power of a hashtag.

Beautiful Voyager

July 29 · Issue #20 · View online
Helping people feel less weird for being more sensitive.

Let’s explore the power of a hashtag.

Hello dear BVs,
This is the longest I’ve gone without sending a newsletter. I’ve missed the process of formulating my thoughts and connecting with you. The reason: interviews, travels, and a new job. Now two weeks in at my new gig, I’m enjoying the subtle rhythm of my routine as it shapes itself. 
Rhythm of the Heart by Pacific Northwest-based Stallman Studio.
Tuning in to this kind of rhythm is useful for those of us with anxiety.
Freedom Beyond Likes
I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had recently with a friend. She asked, “Why are all of my social media feeds (esp Twitter) the same thing over and over?” I didn’t realize I had an opinion until I said it aloud: “If you post something different, you risk missing out on the good feelings (and dopamine hit) that "likes” on social media give you. True leaders have fewer likes as they share new thinking. Getting others to be into a new approach takes time, so many people choose not to do it.“
Linking this to a FB post I shared yesterday that only got one like.
The more we spoke, the more I realized that aiming for fewer likes is a great goal for someone with anxiety. If I learn to share my ideas without expected responses, it will free me to forge new paths. I want to convince each of you to share my goal. Our hashtag could be #LikeFreeMovement.
I could see these two being into #LikeFreeMovement.
What do you think? Could you aim to share new thinking without looking for the positive feelings of likes? Here’s a great place to discuss our new #LikeFreeMovement ;)
Love, Meredith
The Forums
Interview with Carl Cincinnato, Host of the Migraine World Summit
Experiment of the Day
#26: Bring Color Into Your Life
Reading Nook
A good roundup of mantras to help with a spinning brain.
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