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It's high school reunion season


Inspiration for Overthinkers

June 24 · Issue #34 · View online

Tackling stress and anxiety, one experiment at a time.

“Michele, that’s it! We can go to the reunion and just pretend to be successful. I mean, who’s gonna know? They’re in Tucson. We’re here."—Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Dear BVs,
Two weeks ago, I boarded a plane in San Francisco in the morning and landed that night in Boston on my way to my high school reunion in Western Massachusetts. Not knowing what to expect from a 25th-year reunion, I tried to go in with an open mind.
Am I still this same person?
Am I still this same person?
In the weeks leading up to the event, I dreamt of what it would feel like to walk into my dorm (I went to a boarding school and I loved it). Everything was nearly exactly as I remembered! Including the people. Sure, there had been marriages and divorces, babies born and families formed, but at heart, many of us were very similar to our high school selves.
Not SO different.
Not SO different.
At one point, though, a good friend from the past asked, “Is everything OK between us?” I said yes, but I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. “Why wouldn’t it be?” 
She went on to explain that when she visited me in college I acted very strangely, telling her I was miserable and that she needed to go stay somewhere else. I said to her, “I need to spend the weekend in bed.” She left, and we were never in close contact again.
I didn’t remember any of it. 
I knew that this friend and I hadn’t seen each other in the intervening years, but I attributed it to time and space, not my mental health problems. Looking back at it, it was now easier to see what had really happened.
I’m lucky I got the chance to give my old friend a hug and explain to her that it really was me and not her. I told her about the creation of Beautiful Voyager.  She said, “This all makes sense now.”
My high school reunion experience has me rethinking the loss of other friends over the years. What role did mental health play in these lost relationships? Did I shut other people away without knowing it?
I’m thankful I got a chance to make things right. I hope you get the same chance. Let’s support each other as we get stronger every day.
Love Meredith, Class of '93
Love Meredith, Class of '93
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