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Prepare yourself for gawky revelations.

"You gotta go through gawky to get to graceful." - Bevoya Map message in a bottle (off the coast of O

Beautiful Voyager

June 19 · Issue #19 · View online
Helping people feel less weird for being more sensitive.

“You gotta go through gawky to get to graceful.” - Bevoya Map message in a bottle (off the coast of Oregon)

‘Allo BVs,
Let’s get right into it. My early days of creating the site were truly awkward. I began with the worst names, the first being the GAD Owner’s Manual, with equally long url. Ha! Then I “graduated” to Blind Elephant. Haha! I actually used this as one of the main images on the Blind Elephant homepage:
Cool, but weird, and kind of depressing?
I remember sharing my early posts and simultaneously wanting people to read them and being terrified they would. “Look! Not too closely!” It was all…gawky.
No such thing as a gawky elephant, but an elephant in the room is pretty awkward.
I haven’t hit graceful yet, but I can see it on the horizon. Damn does it look appealing. I can see why so many want people to skip gawky to get there. 
"Fake it til you make it."
Having lived gawky for a few years now, I’ll share what artists and comedians have known since time began: If you have the stamina, sharing the gawky is what transforms you. 
Give it a try,
Love, Meredith
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