The joy of the final puzzle piece.

While the focus has long been on head pain, migraines are not just pains in the head. They are a body

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While the focus has long been on head pain, migraines are not just pains in the head. They are a body-wide disorder that recent research has shown results from “an abnormal state of the nervous system involving multiple parts of the brain.“—Dr. Charles, U.C.L.A. Goldberg Migraine Program 

Hello friends,
I’ve reread this New York Times article about a newly released migraine study again and again. The growing awareness that migraines are a “body-wide” disorder involving chemical reactions in the brain feels like a newly revealed puzzle piece. 
My annual jigsaw puzzle. I'm only allowed to do one in December cause addict.
Sadly, it’s just another puzzle piece in a sea of puzzle pieces. 
It can be so hard to make sense of something that even doctors don’t understand. Fact: my brain triggers my nervous system in ways that people without migraines don’t experience. I’ve learned from firsthand experience that I need neurotransmitter-boosting medicine every day. If I take it, I can avoid migraines. 
It’s hard not to ask: How does knowing about the brain and the nervous system help with the pain
It doesn’t. I yearn to complete the puzzle because I’m impatient. I want the world to understand and accept that people’s brains and nervous systems vary wildly, and that there is nothing embarrassing or shameful about it. 
Completing a puzzle the day before my daughter was born. December, 2009.
Thank you all for giving me the chance to change perceptions how our minds affect our bodies (and exercise my impatience). The nervous system is a complex, fragmented, misunderstood mystery right now, but I don’t believe that it will always be. In the meantime, let’s share knowledge and experience, and help each other feel as good as we possibly can.

Love, Meredith
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