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The selves we guard.

Hi friend, Today's topic is compulsions. Also, here's an idea of how to start the year happy: outfit

Inspiration for overthinkers

January 3 · Issue #3 · View online
From Beautiful Voyager

Hi friend, Today’s topic is compulsions. Also, here’s an idea of how to start the year happy: outfit yourself in a limited edition Beautiful Voyager t-shirt (proceeds go to an awesome org called Girls Write Now). 

Like neurotics before me, I take delight in private rituals. The cycle of garbage removal has always been a favorite weekly rhythm. What was once chaos is now calm. Renewal and possibility live in the wake of those rumbling trucks.
Ever seen the garbage collectors of Paris? They don't rumble.
A strange thing about being married with a kid is having the outsiders I live with see my every compulsion. They witness my deep need for the cans to go out like clockwork on Sunday night. Even worse, they question why.
"So we forgot to take out the garbage. Is it really a big deal?"
Having to speak openly about my personal quirks is extremely hard. I don’t savor exposure. Do I need to change? 
When it comes to compulsions, it can be hard to define where they end and I begin. Mental struggles lack the clarity of physical ailments. Born with a club foot that impairs your ability to walk? There are surgeries. It’s just not how personalities work, alas.
Bernal Hill rock. Representing...friendly garbage?
These days, my goal is balance. I use litmus test questions to check in and see how I’m doing. You can, too.
3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Compulsion
1.  Do I need this ritual to achieve a baseline sense of wellbeing (am I using my ritual like a drug, in a bad way)?
2. If I’m unable to do the ritual, how cranky am I (how controlling am I about this thing)?
3. Is there a way for me to enjoy this ritual without needing it?
Love, Meredith
First Edition BV Tee! Two Weeks Only!
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This super-soft tri-blend t-shirt is being produced by Cotton Bureau. The way it worked: My husband, designer friend, and I created the design. Cotton Bureau makes and mails the shirts. We split the profits with them. Everything we earn benefits the non-profit Girls Write Now
Helping women of all ages tell their stories and learn to write.
If we sell 100 shirts, we raise $800 for this org. That’s my dream! We can do it. Let’s kick 2017 off in a happy way.
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