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The Tale of the Midwestern Clam

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

Inspiration for overthinkers

May 12 · Issue #15 · View online
From Beautiful Voyager

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” - Albert Einstein

Hello BVs,
When I look back on 2014 now, I can see something was wrong. (The intense migraine medication I was on didn’t help.) 
What I remember most is how hard it was to talk. 
The beautiful coquina clam digs itself into sand as the waves unbury them.
I was in pain I didn’t understand, having spent years trying to figure it out. I’d been researching like crazy. I found no solutions, nor had anyone else. So I clammed up. When asked, I’d just drift off, saying, “I don’t know.”
Fast forward to last week...
That's me, in the blue.
This text exchange happened last week with an old friend. (I’m job hunting, with good and bad days, and all that entails.) 
You know what my friend later said about this bearing down? “It’s the only remaining Midwestern trait I see in you. The bearing down. The internalizing.”
The tighter the shell, the higher likelihood of getting cut.
Have you ever gone silent due to internalization before? If so, I assume that, like me, it’s not a path you chose. My silence was fatigued quietness. All potential solutions had evaporated, and I was lost. 
But last week was not 2014. I recognized the arrival of the Midwestern clam and force myself to keep talking (esp with other BVs). I stopped myself from getting stuck in the sand.
I’d love to know if you’ve ever gotten stuck in silence. If so, how did you get over it? Here’s a good place to discuss.
Love, Meredith
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