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Inspiration for Overthinkers

November 16 · Issue #39 · View online

Tackling stress and anxiety, one experiment at a time.

A small reminder about why Beautiful Voyager exists.

If you’re a Beautiful Voyager like me—an overthinker with physical symptoms like neck and shoulder pain, stomachaches, or headaches—you have likely spent years and hundreds of dollars trying to feel better. I’ve come to learn that the root of all of my searching was the desire for control over my physical and emotional self. None of the methods I was running to were working. Nothing from the outside could bestow a sense of control upon me.
Instead of running from potential solution to solution, looking for the answer from the outside world, I had to take a new approach. My needs were not the same as anyone else’s. I had my own thumbprint of anxiety. I needed to build my own personal toolkit of tactics to figure out how to feel better.
But how could I tell if a tactic was working? To gauge effectiveness, I had to change the way I measured success. Instead of thinking the answer was going to come from the outside, I faced the reality that the only answer was inside of me. I needed to tune in to my physical response to the world—my cortisol and adrenaline rushes. I’d spent years trying to get a handle on what was wrong, but this was new. This was riding the wave. I accepted that my mind and body had information to offer me if I could learn to listen to them.
In the past, when a therapist asked “how do you feel?,” what I felt was pressure to perform. Before any tactic could ever work for me, I had to find my own inner compass to give me basic feedback. Otherwise, I would continue to be stuck in my head instead of genuinely building up my toolkit, understanding what was working to relax me, and starting to feel better physically and emotionally once and for all.
The role of The Beautiful Voyager is to help others decode their own thumbprint by showing examples of how others have approached anxiety.
You might already be familiar with the concepts I’ve shared here. If so, I hope there was something comforting about revisiting the ideas. If you’re just starting to build your own toolkit, welcome. We’re all glad you’re here.
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