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You wrote me back!

You wrote me back!
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“I’m the little engine that did.” — Dolly Parton

Hey everyone,
Remember in my last email (Nov 23rd) when I talked about my struggle to communicate my real feelings about “controversial” topics with others and asked you all to share your thoughts? Well, you came through big-time.
Check out these three great responses
My opinion about that “invisible line of communicating feelings” relies heavily on empathy for the receiver of the communication. You might see this as a choice between relationship harmony and [your] struggle to communicate. The struggle actually might be only to figure out why the information is being given and how it will be received. 
When I feel emotionally or physically vulnerable I become more sensitive to things I can’t control, or I think other people should be controlling and they aren’t. I often find that those are the most confusing situations for me because the feeling of vulnerability is bringing out my control tendency, and that is what I am really struggling with.
Remember that emotions are weather. You understanding why the thunderstorm happens doesn’t stop them from happening but it makes you less scared of them.
Back to basics with the two-sentence method
When my husband Michael read the email — just like everyone else! — he reminded me that not only am I complicated (as all of us overthinkers are) but I strive for simplicity to make sense of the world, which is hard.
He then reminded me that the two-sentence method never steered me wrong in the past. Together we came up with two sentences about the challenge of communicating:
Everyone is a combination of chemistry (body and brain), luck (where they were born and the family they were born into), and personality. Because of these unique combinations, you can’t always connect with someone else and make them see your perspective, and that’s just how it is.
When I now run into a wall of communication confusion, I use these sentences to simplify my thinking and the limitations of communication.
Let me know what’s helped you. Your responses do make a difference!
Love, Meredith
Love, Meredith
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I'll be speaking at this event on Wednesday. Join in — it's free, free, free!
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